Photo Wonder Update

If you’re looking to create beautiful photos that are full of glamour and style then look no further than Photo Wonder. When it comes to beauty there really is no better app to create stunning images. There is so much you can do with this clever app it really is unbelievable. It boasts an astonishing 200 million plus users in over 218 countries, so they must be doing something right, these figures are amazing. This incredible app is award winning too, as it has been voted the best app in the App store and it is amongst the top five apps in over 20 countries.

This exciting beauty app really will change the way you edit and filter your photos forever and you are guaranteed stunning results every time. Just take your photo, edit it with all the features included and then share your stunning image with friends on your phone.

photo wonder

Let’s take a closer look at all the amazing features that are included in Photo Wonder:

Filter camera

Filter camera enables you to create stunning pictures that will provide you with classic effects. You get to create artistic photos all thanks to the real time effects. If you love taking selfies then you’re definitely going to love this super cool app. Go from beauty camera filters including twilight and cutie and head to instagram ready effects including Vintage or B & W that will allow you to take awesome photos.

Photo Wonder Beautification

For a flawless image this app has it all, you can whiten your teeth so they shine like a movie star’s, you can remove any acne, you can enlarge your eyes and you can also make yourself look slimmer. You can do this either by using paint or tapping through your fingers. There is also a polishing feature too.  For extra style and beauty Photo Wonder also boasts a variety of eyeliners and blushers as well as different colour foundations to create flawless skin to enhance the beauty of your stunning pictures. You can also cover dark eye circles as well as adjusting your skin tone. With this app there really are no beauty fails.


With Photo Wonder you can very easily edit your photos by cropping, toning and also rotating. You can also adjust the brightness of your images as well as the saturation and contrast. There are special mosaic brushes that you can use that will enable you to paint your photo that really will personalise your image. You can also add vignette and sharpen your photos to give them a totally different look.


Photo Wonder provides you with a large number of stunning decorations and presents your individualized pictures. There are many pretty accessories that will enhance the beauty of your photos for all your friends and family to see. You also have the option of interesting stamps and also fashion text material, these will enable you to really individualise and personalise your photos. Trending frames and stickers are updated weekly so there is always something new to add to your photos. Stickers can be themed and there is also the choice of special edition stickers for instance London Fashion Week.


Photo Wonder offers a variety of very cool effects that will really enhance your images. With this incredible app you are guaranteed the highest quality photos that will allow your images to stand out and has a wide collection of practical and also beautiful picture effects. You get to achieve very artistic effects with just one click, including autumn effect, old photo, soft light, LOMO, and also blue tone. These clever effects will enable you to make one stunning image that has many different feelings.


With Photo Wonder you have your own photo wall that enables you to make your images as interesting as you like. You have three collaging modes and these include free collage, photo collage and template collage. You get to achieve your own photo wall thanks to the very rich templates and the fresh backgrounds. There is also the latest blurry effect that you can use on your collage background. You can also edit the borders width or there is also the option of going borderless.


To make your stunning images even more interesting Photo Wonder offers a variety of different frames. You get to select many frames that can be either simple or more complex, for your images to really stand out.

Create animated emojis

You get to customise your own emojis and custom stickers that can be animated with your friend’s or your own face and then share them on social media and messaging apps.

What’s new in this latest version?

This latest version boasts many new and exciting features including new eye shadows for stunningly beautiful eyes, lots more brush and text bubble styles for downloading, the package size is smaller which makes for easier downloading and also fixed bugs that greatly improve performance. You get to find more friends with “follow” and you can also edit your profile picture and also your nickname in “me”.


If you’re looking for a new photo editing app with lots of cool features that will create stunning photos, boasting glamour and style, you have definitely found it here. Photo Wonder with its awesome features will enhance the beauty of your images, enabling you to create beautiful photos that you will be proud to show off to the world!