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Photowonder for PC – Download for PC, Windows 7/8/XP, Android and iOS

photowonder for pcPhotowonder for PC is one of the greatest choices you can make, regarding a photo editor that you want to use on your PC. Photowonder PC provides a library with enormous collection of filters that you can use on your photos. You may be familiar with filters from other similar applications.

The menu of the application is intuitive and basic. Some of the functions available are cutting, rotating, pasting, resizing, controlling brightness and contrast, and more. Recent updates include new features like changing the tone of the skin (you don’t have to go to the beach to get a tan anymore, at least on your photos!), correction of vampire eyes and applying makeup.

Photowonder for PC allows you to add other types of adjustments to photos that don’t include people and are just screenshots or photos of nature. You can change the light of the photo, you can highlight the thematic, you can add autumn and more.

As you have probably understood by now the application is based on effects. With Photowonder for PC you can also use templates to model your pictures. You can use default templates or create your own.

Templates in Photowonder PC hold a set of ordered functions that you can apply to your photos, but instead of doing it over and over again you can add them into a template and use the template. This lets you apply all your favourite editions with a single click.

In order to use Photowonder for PC you must first install an emulator called Bluestacks, because the application was never developer for PC.

You can download bluestacks from this link and follow the steps to install it. After the installation is complete just search the app store for Photowonder for PC like you would normally do on your smartphone and install it. That’s all!

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