Photowonder Scenes

Photowonder Scenes

photowonder scenesPhotowonder online offers a featured called “Make your scene”.

With this feature you can select a photo that you have already taken and apply an interesting filter on it. This filter will add a template for “breaking news” like the ones you see on the TV but you will be the headline and your picture will be there! This is available for people that want to feel special. And this is not something bad, people like to feel special. It is in our nature.

After you select your scene you can select a template out of many available templates like CNN, BBC, NBC, ABC, KBS, SBS and more. Selecting the desired TV allows you to add a text to your picture in the news details section. All you have to do is click on it and the text editor will come up.

Photowonder online offers also a few other types of scenes that you can create –

Movie, MV and Mood.

Movie scene lets you select a template from one of the many available movies. This will apply effects to your picture and make it look similar to the scenes in that movie. It will also let you add a message to the picture.

MV scene gives you a choice  of several music televisions and in the same manner like Movie Scenes will apply filters according to the TV and a text in the same style.

Mood scene is the one that you can use to create those “dreamy” photos with messages.  Send one to someone you love!